Junior Miners are Ready for Imminent and Explosive Lift Off

With 75% of public resource companies listed in Canada, the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX-V) has become the de facto proxy for the junior resource market. On Friday, February 28th, the TSX-V hit its lowest point since inception, registering at 479, roughly matching the lows witnessed in late 2015. This is shocking for a couple of…

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What will it take for juniors to move?

On January 7 gold broke above $1,600 per ounce for the first time since 2013, on the back of retaliation by Iran against the United States. As often is the case, this move in gold prices occurred during afterhours trading. By morning, gold had retraced the key level. Gold stocks never so much as benefited…

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All Roads Lead to Gold in 2020

After spending the past eight years in a painful bottoming process, gold stocks are set for an epic run in 2020. Aside from a short-lived move in 2016, gold mining equities have been taken to the woodshed. Their share prices have been butchered, and rubbing further salt in the wounds of gold investors, the prices…

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How to Invest like Billionaire Eric Sprott

In last week’s article on the Palisades blog, I discussed some fundamental similarities and differences between the tech space and junior mining. One distinction I touched on was the fact that junior mining predominantly exists in the public sphere, while tech start-ups find financing in the private arena. It is worth expounding on this topic…

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A Crash Course in Junior Mining – what mining and technology share in common

Last week on the Palisades blog I spoke about the impending junior mining mania that will soon unfold. This move will be violent, extreme, and in many cases, the gains produced will be life changing. This week I want to explore how the junior sector operates and how it fits into the overall commodity puzzle….

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It is Going to be Exactly the Same this Time – An impending junior mining mania

When the contrarians join in the herd, a turning point is fast approaching. Sentiment across the junior resource sector is dismal. It is shaking the steadfast dedication of even the gold bugs – some of the most resilient and loyal followers that exist. When their confidence shakes, something is afoot. This week I received a…

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